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On a mission to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed

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On a mission to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed

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Lucas Root

Lucas Root is an accomplished Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Business Success Mentor with over 19 years of success across banking, technology, investments, health and wellness, athletics, and interactive media (gaming). Lucas specializes in speaking to entrepreneurs and business owners on getting their strategy on track for success and massive growth.

Lucas helps audiences to identify roadblocks to success and where they could be heading toward failure.

With Lucas’ guidance, your audience discovers key strategies in the areas of sourcing, operations, and funding that will significantly increase profits and revenue quickly.

Lucas’ down to earth approach teaches audiences how to succeed where others have failed by providing them with a few pieces of critical information.

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Let’s make it an unforgettable and valuable experience for you and your audience.


Let’s make it an unforgettable and valuable experience for you and your audience…

Strategy Is Key

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    See what clients are saying
    about Lucas

    Laina Gossman

    Owner, Soul Insole

    Lucas is one of those rare humans who actually knows a lot about a lot. Despite the fact that he is very well read and insightful, he is also a great listener which makes him easy to talk to one-on-one but also an excellent leader in group settings.

    Corey Finnie

    Managing Director, Abundare

    I really appreciated listening to Lucas speak about how he supports himself throughout the day. I tend to be someone who goes with the flow, and hearing him talk about his daily routines and rituals was illuminating. I also appreciated his feedback about strategy. I’m looking forward to incorporating his feedback!

    Jade Dadiz

    Cofounder, Emanant Wellness

    I’m so grateful to have met Lucas and had the privilege of hearing him speak. It’s not often that somebody will come along and say what needs to be said, what might make other people uncomfortable, but absolutely is beneficial to listen to. I feel like I learned a lot today.

    Garrison Fletcher

    Owner, Apex Type and Graphics

    I was recently at a networking event where different business owners get together to learn more about each other and what their respective business are. At this Friday afternoon meeting they had a “Featured Speaker” named Lucas Root. He spoke for about 10 minutes on having systems in place to support yourself so you can show up as the best you for your business. I found his is speaking style to be warm, relaxed, engaging and very informative. I would eagerly attend any speech he offered as I found him easy to follow and enjoyable to listen to.

    Mazin Biviji

    CEO, Toquity

    I met Lucas earlier this week and had a really good conversation regarding the challenges we are facing around strategic objectives for the future.

    Skye Gallagher

    Founder, Think Healthy Marketing

    Just listening to Lucas talk about strategy changed everything for me. He is incredibly wise and I recommend any event planner book him for their stage.

    Christopher Lee

    The Explaining Extraordinary Podcast

    Lucas’s message and approach really connected with my broader audience! I loved that he was able to talk about the full scope of business, but still able to bring immediate action steps that my audience could implement today. I would have him back on the show at any time!

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