Speaking Resources

Vision, Mission, and Values.

  • Vivid Vision by Cameron Herold (click here)
  • Mission, Vision, and Values by Mark Villareal (click here)
  • Crafting Effective Mission and Vision Statements by Emil Angelica (click here)
  • Rule of Thumb by Sonia Kefer (click here)
  • Why Does Your Business Exist? by Chris Patton (click here)

SWOT Analysis:

  • SWOT Analysis by Alan Sars by  (click here)
  • The SWOT Analysis by Lawrence G Fine (click here)
  • 1 Hour SWOT Guide by Anil Nathoo (click here)
  • SWOT Analysis In Your Pocket by Brianna McElroy (click here)
  • Conducting You SWOT by Sean Carney and Lucy Yeh (click here)